The Raiders Rambles
RR Ep 13 - Animation Abomination

RR Ep 13 - Animation Abomination

May 27, 2018

Originally aired on May 27, 2018

We try to keep up with the chaotic news cycle both inside and outside the fandom as well as facing the prospect of being nuked from digital space over our heads.

Topics of discussion:

  • Thundercats Roar for 2019 gets roasted be everyone, not just us
  • The state of Victoria wants to ban Winnie the Pooh for not passing the gender test, plus others like Thomas the Tank Engine
  • The Dreamkeepers article as published on Dogpatch Press
  • More and more furry drama regarding how we were blamed on MFF bookouts, FA bans and Lulz's lists


  • Jolt
  • Red Kabuki
  • Behawolf
  • Folkvar
RR Ep 12 - D-Day of the Furry Fandom

RR Ep 12 - D-Day of the Furry Fandom

May 16, 2018

Special episode published on May 16, 2018

A recent wave of mass bannings off of Furaffinity prompted this episode to be recorded. Len Gilbert, head admin of Altfurry joins Foxler in this episode to offer insight into this situation

Topics of discussion:

  • The ban wave on Furaffinity and the updated Code of Conduct, and what prompted it, the rationale and its intended purpose
  • Con events such as the popular BLFC where a 10 year old girl was made fun of
  • The battle strategy going forward from here


  • Foxler
  • Len
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